Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Fresh Ideas for Hair Styling

There are many quick and simple hairstyle, which even a first-grader will cope with. Despite all the ease of weaving, the end result is styling, which the surrounding people find extremely difficult.

So, divide the hair into three equal parts. From each part, we braid on one spit, the ends of which are fixed with small elastic bands. Now take one braid and turn it into a ball. We fasten it with sticks at the base of the nape. We make balls from the remaining braids.

Updos for long hair are best done in advance, namely at night. First, you need to wash your hair and wait until your hair dries. Then we separate a small strand of hair (the thinner the strand, the less curls) and twist it into a wave. We do so with all the hair and go to bed, and in the morning we are happy with an amazing for every day!

Having short hairstyles for thick hair, the hair will appear not only thicker but longer. And the secret is simple; first, we separate half of the hair from the top of the head and make a tail out of them, and collect the lower part of the hair in the tail.

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