Artificial Turf Carpet

In recent years, Artificial turf  carpets  are at the head of the most demanding products. The demand for artificial turf – synthetic grass carpets has increased due to reasons such as maintenance costs, cost of irrigation, time spent and most importantly not always giving the desired results of natural grass.

In addition to these, the visual beauty and ease of use has caused an increase in the interest to such products.

Artificial Turf, which is produced as an alternative to natural grass, is now available in the market and is being installed in football fields with the purpose of matching the interactions of the players with the natural grass fields. Synthetic grass has almost the same characteristics of natural gras. Worldwide FIFA tournament qualifying matches are held on fields with artificial turf.

A field made of Artificial Turf is seen to be much cheaper compared to a field with natural grass. Artificial grass carpet scenes provide much more playing time than natural grass fields, as well as saving time and manpower spent on caring for the field. It also performs better than natural grass in all weather conditions.

Artificial Grass carpets have a life span of about 10 years with regular maintenance.. Synthetic Grass is produced as an alternative natural grass. The two products are equivalent to each other in appearance and terms of use as their basic features.

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